John Fitz

Business & Executive Coach

There is change all around us, and the pace of change is rapid. How we respond to that change defines us as individuals and as organisations.

My name is John Fitzmaurice, I work with people and organisations to build confidence and belief in themselves. Thus helping them to positively accept, adapt to, and successfully achieve the transformation in their working lives, without impacting their personal lives detrimentally.

I work with them to be proactive, to perform and to fulfil their ambitions through coaching, mentoring and consultancy.

Coaching is widely recognised as one of the key approaches through which leadership in organisations can be developed. It is often perceived as the single most effective development tool that a leader can access.

Perform at your best!

Collaborate with me to gain belief and confidence. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

To find out more about me as a coach, please click on the video link opposite or refer to my posts in the articles and activities section of my Linkedin profile

One-to-One Executive Coaching

1-2-1 coaching is a powerful resource, which raises awareness in individuals.

Team Coaching

Teams, particularly leadership teams within organisations.

Workshops and Seminars

Coaching for performance and enhancing leadership impact.

Client Testimonials

As a creative I found John’s insightful and flexible approach helped me clarify what I really wanted to achieve, and ways I could start to do this while building my confidence. Identifying personal values and priorities was particularly useful as… Read Full Testimonial “Michelle”


John coached me on my goals to better my interviewing technique and improve my success rate at landing new contracts. As a freelancer these skills are key and I found John to be an excellent coach in these areas. John… Read Full Testimonial “Jeff”

Business Consultant

John has coached me for a couple of months now and am glad to say he is still doing so. John has focused my attention on my business goals, an area, I personally was finding real difficulty narrowing down and… Read Full Testimonial “Lisa”

Business Owner

John has the ability to ask the right questions, instrumental in keeping me focused on my business. He has been quick to assess what was needed and offered clear strategies and solutions for positive change. I’m so excited about my… Read Full Testimonial “Cynthia”

Business Owner